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Reasons to Root Your Android Device

Posted in on 1-20-17

Android is considered to be the most customizable mobile platforms. However, it becomes even more customizable if you root your device. Rooting your phone will offer you access to the root directories of the phone or tablet. Manufacturers tend to keep the root limits out of the user’s reach. The directories are locked so that you aren’t able to brick the phone by deleting a file accidentally.

If you are wondering as to how to root Android and the reason you should do it then you should follow this blog.

Install Incompatible Applications

You might have often come across some good online apps only to find out that they aren’t available for the certain device. This can be quite frustrating. Phone carriers tend to restrict apps which completes with their own app. Also, at times, an app isn’t available in your region. Rooting will enable you to install all such apps.

Blocks Advertisements

If you enquire about rooted Android phones, you will notice that its ability to block advertisement is one of the most significant benefits it offers. Nobody likes advertisement popping out when they are playing a game or looking for something over the internet. The worst part about advertisement is that is placed at such a section of the screen that you are most likely to tap. A single wrong tap can lead to download a malicious website or a useless app.

Android rooting service will enable you to block all the advertisement across every browsers and apps. You will be able to do this by blocking the data from certain servers.

Back Up All Data

Android devices that are not rooted can back up the data in it. However, quite unfortunately, it is impossible to back up every data that is present on the phone. Luckily, if you root the Android phone, you will be able to keep a back-up of everything.