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Pokémon Go cheats- Explained by expert players

Posted in on 3-22-17

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Pou is a video game which needs you to invest great deals of loan in order to acquire coins which permit you to acquire garments, food, remedies and also a great deal of various other pou hack.

The Pokémon Go addiction is unstoppable and with so many players trying to level up by collecting a plenty of Pokémon is amazing. Well, even the most dedicated players wouldn’t mind using tips and tricks that can help them to level up faster. This article has assembled the list of some Pokemon Go cheats that really works on your favourite game Pokémon Go.

These cheats are completely safe as compared to other cheats used to collect a plenty of Pokecoins.

Catch Pikachu at the beginning of the game

This is the easiest way to catch Pickachu right in the beginning of the game. When you begin to play the game for the first time, you get the option to pick from the three Pokémon starters available. They are Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Charmander. In case you want to catch Pikachu first, then you need to ignore the above three starters.

Keep walking until they vanish from your map.

In case you get same Pokémon do not ignore them

If the same Pokémon flashes again and again, don’t ignore them, just keep them. You can use them later when you get your trainer to the next level. Pokémon Go players take their trainers to the next level after obtaining sufficient XP required to go to the next level.

Utilize the trainer level to shoot up the benefit of Incense and Lucky Eggs

You normally earn 500 XP for emitting a Pokémon. Using the Lucky eggs can help you double up the XP for minimum 30 minutes. This means you will get 1000 XP for each Pokémon emitted during that period.

Use Stardust only when you reach level 12 or 15

In Pokémon Go, for hatching eggs and catching Pokémon, you are remunerated with Stardust frequently. Later, Stardust will help you increase the power of Pokémon at top level.