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Earn Club Penguin Membership And Enjoy Several Benefits

Posted in on 3-8-17

Let us redeem your free club penguin membership points! Earn the free membership of Club Penguin, the most popular online games in the world!


Club Penguin is very much popular game especially designed for kids. But it has become so popular that it has become virtual game for all ages. This is the game that offers free membership of Club Penguin where you can earn points. And such points those you earn can redeem for Club Penguin membership code. You can even get the membership of other games through the points you earn.


What benefits the players can enjoy by getting Club Penguin membership? First of all it is free and thus does not shoulder you any burden. By getting the club penguin membership the players can:


  • Dress up own penguin with exclusive clothing items designed for members only
  • The players can get access to new experiences every week
  • The players can collect up to 75 kinds of different puffles to join in the game
  • The players can earn special agent items and elite medals
  • Unlimited igloos to decorate and furnish is what the players can enjoy
  • The players once getting the club penguin membership can play some of the most fun games available on the website
  • The exclusive members are allowed to access the special party rooms
  • They can enjoy special items during parties, events and big celebrations


It is very easy to get club penguin membership for free. Just select the option ‘get membership’ and fill up the form that gets displayed on the screen. Enter the username, password and email address and then click the button ‘get code’. Now go to membership page of the club penguin website and scroll down to ‘membership cards’. Click ‘activate now’ button, log in to your penguin account, enter the code in ‘pin’ and click on ‘redeem’.


It’s really simple to earn club penguin membership code and activate the same.